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December 3, 2008 at 3:04 am 3 comments

So this was the first time that I ever had to work on Black Friday, subhanAllah what insanity! I never realized how hyped up people can get and all of it seems rather silly to me. I mean I work at Macy’s, and honestly the prices really weren’t that amazing, but the insanity and the way the customers were acting really were amazing. It’s really sad, I mean here we are in an economic crisis, I mean I think that if we truly wanted to make a point I think that no one should’ve shopped on Black Friday. I think that everyone should’ve boycotted it to make a point. But instead people don’t care and act immorally and just plain stupid, I think you know what I’m getting at, the man at Wal-Mart who got trampled to death, Ya Latif… Can you believe it? Doesn’t that just scare you? I mean think about it, what kind of world are we living in? The people broke down the door, the hinges were broken off and people were rushing in like crazy and didn’t even care about anything rather some made the comment that the prices weren’t even that good, subhanAllah. I remember when I heard about it while I was working on Black Friday, my co-worker came up to me and told and I was just in total shock, and she asked what kind of world are living in? I really don’t know what kind of world we live in. In a Target not too far from where I live someone took out a gun over a plasma TV, and at a Toys ‘R Us someone took out a gun there as well. What is this? Why are we behaving in such horrible ways? We always say that we are better than animals because we have the power of reason and a mind that can think logicall, yeah right! I think animals are much more trained and have better adaab [manners] than we do. It’s so sad to see people fighting over such materialistic things, why are we so materialistic? I mean ok, I can be a bit materialistic at times too. I do like shoes and purses but I don’t go out all the time to go buy them and I buy them if they’re really cheap. But I will not stand on line a day ahead to get something and then trample people and fight, where will this type of behavior get us in life? I mean yes, electronics can be expensive, and there may be some good deals, but I got my gateway laptop about a year or two ago for about $300 and it wasn’t even on Black Friday and it works perfectly fine for me and I love it, its durable good speed, added some extra memory to it and hey did I mention its durable? [That’s something that’s very important for me.]

I mean we always complain about how the rest of the world calls us things or stereotypes us as things that we are truly not, but ladies and gentleman if we want the rest of the world to stop thinking that we are materialistic junkies and shop-a-holics we truly need to stop behaving this way. This one lady told me that this is her family tradition, family tradition?!? SubhanAllah, did they like run out of ideas or something? There are other traditions that they could’ve picked up on but why this one? Thursday night I was coming back from dropping my friend off to her house and I passed by a Best Buy at 9:30pm and there was already a line of people wrapped all the way around the store already! Why?!? This just doesn’t make any sense to me. Perhaps it is because the way I was raised my parents made it quite clear to us that you don’t need to buy everything in the world and they raised to want things like books rather than toys, don’t get me wrong I mean sometimes I would get sad and think why can’t I get a Barbie or whatever doll I wanted but I realized from my classmates that no matter how much toys you bought, after about a month or so you would want a newer version or some other new toy. So hamdulillah for my parent and the non materialistic ideas that they raised me and my siblings with, but I still can’t understand any of this.

I guess I juss had to get all of that out; all of that frustration because I juss can’t seem to wrap my head around any of this. I mean I started working in retail about 5 months ago and I realized that people get hyped over sales, and I’m not wealthy so I understand that getting low prices is important, but you really don’t have to go through all this crazyness. I mean there’s always a million clearance racks, and there’s always coupons [and if you shop or work at Macy’s you know that we have way too many coupons] so I juss don’t understand why we are getting so hyped up and why we completely let go of all of our manners and turn into such wild beasts. I mean ok maybe there is a good price, but why are we all so obsessed with having everything that juss comes out? I remember when the i-pod came out, my whole entire school was, “Like oh my God, I need to get an i-pod,” so they got the i-pod, a couple of months later a newer version came out, then they came up with the i-pod mini and then the i-pod shuffle and then newer versions of those and then the i-pod mini didn’t even exist anymore. Then we got the i-pod nano, then we got the new version of the shuffle, then newer versions of those and of course we got them in color, then color on inside and out and then so on and so on. Today we even have the i-phone and the i-pod touch, I think that we are becoming materialistic slaves. Because the truth of the matter is that the older products aren’t even bad, I mean I still have my i-pod mini which may be out dated and isn’t even manufactured anymore but I love that thing, and like my lap top its durable, hamdulillah I only had to take it in once for repairs and apparently it wasn’t even damaged it was because my i-tunes on my computer was like .1 too old for the i-pod to read or something silly like that. So now that I have vented and rambled on and on continuously, I juss have to ask you this, is this ok that we behave like this? Are you proud to be part of a society where people trample one another juss to get “good deals” or “unbeatable prices? It kind of makes me sad and honestly a little scared [since I work in retail] that we live in such a society. Also, if you take part in this, do you want this to be something that is known as “a family tradition?” Is this something that is so important to you that it will go down as a “family tradition,” ya latif I kind of hope not, but that is up to you. We all have to make our decisions and decide what is or isn’t important to us. But this is definitely something that is NOT important to me, and I think that I would like to be alive to see the day that we all boycott this day, I think that would be a really cool day, a day that kind of says that we are no longer materialistic slaves, inshaAllah.

On a side note, finals are pretty much here, for me they start in about a week or two, not exactly sure which is probably not a good thing but khayr inshaAllah. I’ll be posting again soon if not immediately after this for the du’as for studying.

Take care inshaAllah and some du’as please!


Allahumma sali ala sayyidina muhammadin an-Nabbiyil ummiyi Wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim.

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Question Inspiration From an 11-Year Old Boy

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  • 1. S.Qamer  |  December 5, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    I totally agree with you on this, that mob at Walmart was insane!

    But just to present a different viewpoint of black friday: its not just about actually buying stuff and being materialistic. Going out in the middle of the night to stores is quite fun, even if you don’t wan’t to buy anything, everyone is out at such an odd time that its funny. I mean think about, whats not fun about staying up all night with family/friends and then going out at like 4am to random stores just because.

  • 2. radf  |  December 6, 2008 at 3:41 am

    hm I guess I never really thought it about it like that, but I’m really not a fan of shopping so that’s probably why.
    Also, I guess when you have to work in retail, it all kinda juss makes you hate it all more…
    But whatever makes you happy works :)

  • 3. seeking patience  |  December 30, 2008 at 4:19 am


    interesting post, haha. it’s all about nafs, our desires isn’t it?

    sometimes the discounts in stores can really challenge our nafs. i mean, u don’t need half the things in there but u’d end up buying it anyway! haha

    and yes it gets crazy. I saw footages of sales of wedding dresses and Astaghfirullah, it shows just how nasty we’d become if we give in to our materialistic wants.

    May Allah help us control our nafs…


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