Songs of Innocence

November 27, 2007 at 3:45 am 2 comments

I love Talib al-Habib’s nasheeds, MashaAllah they’re just so peaceful and soothing. I found this nasheed online and it is such a beautiful nasheed. The nasheed and video are both so beautifully put together that towards the end it brought tears to my eyes. (Be sure to listen or read the lyrics below) Watch it and judge for yourself:

Lyrics to Songs of Innocence:

Allahu Allahu La ilaha illa Hu

And I sing my songs of innocence
To you my precious child as you lay on your bed
With your sleepy eyes and your heavy head
Rest and dream in peace till morning comes again

I will sing my songs of innocence
I will sing my songs of innocence

And I sing my songs of innocence
As I watch you sleep, think what may lie ahead.
So many the roads that before you spread
Take the way, my child, to the Beloved Friend

Lead a life of truth and innocence
The way of sunnah, the path of the Prophet
Let your words be echoes of his sentences
Let your deeds be shadows of his radiance.

And though the world outside seems cold and hard
And you may feel like you are wandering alone
Do not fear, do not grieve, in Allah place your belief
In his remembrance your heart will find its peace

And I gaze at you in wonderment
How your heart is filled with innocence.
Yo’ull never know the joy you bring to me
How your touch and smile dispel my every grief

May you never lose your innocence
With life’s bittersweet experience
And when the time comes, remember this:
Wisdom is the refinding of innocence.

Now you’re breathing easy, I must call an end
I have sung my song of innocence
And if our paths should never cross again
May God’s peace and mercy upon you descend

We will meet at the gathering of innocence
At al-Kauthar, the fount of abundance
By the Prophet’s hand may our thirst be quenched
We will be with him, and we will be content

Salallahu `alayhi wa alihi
Peace and blessings on him and his family
And all who follow in his blessed way
You and I, my child, may we among them be
You and I, my child, may we among them be…

Will you help me learn of innocence?
Sing a song of love and innocence?
Will you help me find my way back home?
Will you fill my heart with innocence?
May I come to you an innocent?
Let me sing my song of innocence.

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